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MSR – Lower Body Course in Toronto, ON
May 04-05, 2019

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Motion Specific Release is a powerful approach that re-establishes the neuromuscular stability of the body though the use of hands-on procedures that create a patients optimal function and performance.

MSR eliminates pain, restores function, and places control back into the hands of your patients. The MSR approach provides you with cutting-edge procedures that you can immediately integrate into your clinical practice.

The MSR Approach is all about achieving optimum results by helping you tap into your clinical creativity. Clinical Creativity is a concept that has taken many practitioners to a whole new level of clinical excellence and amazing results.

M is Motion. A combination of patient and practitioner motion. Motion is used to identify both the areas of restriction and the path to releasing those restriction. This concept has been used in Tai Chi (pushing hands) for hundreds of years and we use it to train practitioners to become more aware of their patients’ physical restrictions.

S is Specific Restrictions that Develop with each Injury. These are unique to each patient. We are taught that patients with similar diagnosis will have similar restrictions. However, this is rarely true, especially with chronic conditions that involve multiple structures that range across a larger kinetic chain. Being specific to the individual is often the key to getting a full resolution of a condition.

R is Release. Our primary objective is to release the restrictions that inhibit our patients from achieving being fully functional.